Euler Problem 92

Published on 28 september 2013

Here's my solution to Euler problem 92. The code is pretty simple, it tries to shortcut the sequence by storing every number in a chain along with the number that recurs.

class Euler92:
    def __init__(self):
        self.knownSeq = {}

    def ChainNumber(self,n):
        currentSeq = []
        while not n in [1,89]:
            if(n in self.knownSeq):
                n = self.knownSeq[n]
                n = SquareDigits(n)
        for x in currentSeq:
            self.knownSeq[x] = n
        return n

    def Solve(self, n):
        return len([x for x in range(2,n) if self.ChainNumber(x) == 89])
def SquareDigits(n):
        return sum(map(lambda x: int(x)**2, str(n)))