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TryHackMe writeup - Umbrella

Umbrella is a medium machine on TryHackMe with the description: “Breach Umbrella Corp’s time-tracking server by exploiting misconfigurations around containerisation.”

BSidesBos CTF writeup - Web

I only solved two web challenges in this CTF: skid and Yet Another Micro-story Library. All web challenges had a pretty low number of solves.

Hacktivitycon writeup - Template Shack

Template Shack was a challenge worth 150 points in the 2020 Hacktivitycon CTF. The template shack appears to be some sort of online shop for bootsrap themes. The site seems to be mostly static and placeholder code. The only thing of note in the source code for the page is a comment that hints at some administration panel that is under construction.

TryHackMe writeup - Overpass

Here’s how I rooted the room overpass on tryhackme.com. All in all, the room was pretty easy, but I actually spent a lot of time figuring it out because I was overthinking.